Xero + Xero Practice Manager

Xero Practice Manager (XPM) has been specifically designed for use by accountants. Working with Bridge3 as implementation partners, XPM offers a simple to use, intuitive system which will help you to increase your practice efficiency, saving you time and money.

Key areas where XPM can assist your accountancy practice include:

  • Improved practice costs or efficiency savings (even if using IRIS)
  • Manage clients and prospective relationships
  • Reporting on WIP and full understanding of this
  • Full Recovery reporting
  • Consistent and transparent Workflows
  • Job Profitability Look up
  • Staff v Client dashboard data
  • Paperless Office
  • Free use of Workpapers
  • Job Templates
  • Job Statuses at a glance
  • Job Tasks and Milestones
  • Invoice Templates (invoice direct from XPM and link to Xero)
  • Cloud based (access anytime, anywhere)
  • Flexible and customisable to practice demands
  • Eco System of other Apps that work seamlessly with XPM
  • Plan production and maximise utilisation of resource
  • Plan future workflow to identify resource needed

Our sister company Thorne Widgery Accountancy Ltd has been aided by Bridge3 for the past 5 years on workarounds, improvements and clever use of functionality.

Bridge3 can enhance and bespoke XPM according to your practice demands by:

  • Building reports for your use and introducing the concept of bespoke reporting
  • Production planning reports
  • Job budgets or job stages and costs reports
  • Job inter-departmental budgets report (accounts, audit, payroll, tax)
  • Automated reports
  • Improving KYC (Know Your Customer) and Compliance reporting
  • Creating bespoke job and invoice templates
  • Producing Graph and KPI reports
  • Providing a Job rollover system with budget & resource requirements for next year
  • Enhancing workflows and automating job creation
  • Providing limitless custom fields (client) – aiding compliance and marketing