The Full Practice Platform

If you love Xero and are looking for something that will help you take a giant stride towards a fully integrated, cloud-based platform to help run your practice, take a look at this.  XPM is at the heart of our full practice platform it’s simple to use, intuitive and will help you to increase your practice efficiency, enhance transparency and ultimately save you time and money.

It’s not a one size fits all system; it can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of the practice making use of the ‘App Stack’ in the ‘Xero Ecosystem’ to get the most appropriate configuration for your business.

We’ll show you how to automate your process internally, from lead to job deployment, time keeping to record keeping, reporting to recoveries, an integrated cloud world is one you simply have to adopt in your practice.


Benefit from:
• Maximise your fee revenue
• Workflow Management
• Deadline Management
• Time & Fees Management
• Productivity Management
• Opportunity Management


Onboarding and Planning Apps
• Respond rapidly and professionally to new client/job leads
• Proposals easy and quick to produce
• Integrates with XPM and Xero
• Client automatically created in XPM
• Jobs automatically deployed in XPM
• Reduce non chargeable time
• Generate proposals for every client/job
• Automate payments


Benefit from:
• No more wasted filing space
• No more wasted time hunting for files
• Multiple users can access at the same time
• Accessible from anywhere
• Confidential filing of practice documents
• Set secure user access levels
• Links directly to XPM
• Secure portal, share documents with clients


Benefit from:
• Time & Cost savings
• Increase compliance quality
• Improve team collaboration
• Manage jobs and tasks effectively
• Reduce risk of errors
• Audit trail of documents and work done
• Explore standardisation


Power Bi
Set, Report and Manage KPIs using Power BI. We can extract data from XPM and produce bespoke dashboards tailored to meet the needs of the individual and the practice. Key, up to date information is presented in a user friendly format facilitating “informed decisions” by the use of simple but effective graphics.


Xero Tax
Xero’s accounts production and tax software integrates fully with Xero and XPM – taking a giant stride towards a complete cloud-based practice management platform. Features companies house integration, multiuser review and E-signing for your clients.