SuiteFiles is a clever add-on that allows you to work smarter with cloud-based applications. It allows you to:

  • Migrate your files effortlessly – files can be moved over the course of a weekend, ready for your staff when they start work on Monday morning
  • Manage your files – secure storage means you can manage and edit your documents through SuiteFiles and by integrating with XPM, you’ll get all the benefits of working in the cloud
  • Backup your files – securely backup and restore your files in the cloud, allowing you to quickly recover from any IT mishap
  • Replace files on your existing Document Management System
  • Link directly to XPM so all files, emails and correspondence are available in both
  • Search for documents easily – using a powerful search feature, with additional filters to help you refine your search
  • Access your most recent documents through the ‘recent tab’
  • Scan in documents – reducing clutter and making files easily accessible to other staff
  • Create, manage and access document, folder and email templates straight from SuiteFiles – making them available to staff straight away and even prepopulating file and email templates with your client information
  • Set up user access controls for confidential filing – enabling your practice to file staff information without everyone being able to view it
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