SuiteFiles is a clever add-on that allows you to work smarter with cloud-based applications.

It allows you to:

  • Manage everything – files, emails, videos, templates, client records – in one place, and make it accessible to your staff
  • Set up user access controls for confidential filing – enabling your practice to file staff information without everyone being able to view it
  • Create, manage and access document, folder and email templates straight from SuiteFiles – making them available to staff straight away and even prepopulating file and email templates with your client information
  • Search across all your files from Outlook – SuiteFiles Outlook is like a mini version of the web app, meaning that you can easily search across your entire file system without leaving your inbox! Use the filters to refine your search, or look within specific folders.
  • Manage your files – secure storage means you can manage and edit your documents through SuiteFiles and by integrating with XPM, you’ll get all the benefits of working in the cloud
  • Backup your files – securely backup and restore your files in the cloud, allowing you to quickly recover from any IT mishap
  • Link directly to XPM so all files, emails and correspondence are available in both
  • Search for documents easily – using a powerful search feature, with additional filters to help you refine your search
  • Access your most recent documents through the ‘recent tab’
  • Scan in documents – reducing clutter and making files easily accessible to other staff
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