MyWorkpapers Testimonials

Katy Singleton

Katy Singleton, Audit and Accounts Semi-Senior

With our old audit software, things were never where you expected them to be and it could take ages trying to find the file or record that you required.

In comparison, with MyWorkPapers, information isn’t hidden away and it is easy to navigate around the site thanks to the useful dashboard, which provides quick, easily identifiable links to every file you require.

MyWorkPapers is also a lot better for remote working, as you can access the dashboard via a web browser from a variety of devices, whereas our old desktop-based software package often ran into issues when connecting to a client’s network – in some cases delaying our work on site.

As long as we have access to the internet, whether via a client’s network or mobile connection, we can get straight on and set up in no time. It also means that we no longer have to carry heavy paper files and  a printer and scanner on-site with us.

The package as a whole is a lot less frustrating and we are able to share information with others easily. You can quickly edit what you have added so that you can work collaboratively as a team regardless of where you are.

It is also helpful to monitor workflow so you can see what steps you need to take next and which documents require further review.

Even in the short time that I have been working in the audit industry a lot has changed and MyWorkPapers has been a significant part of this.

Rebecca Jenkins

Rebecca Jenkins, Lead Audit Manager

MyWorkPapers is a truly revolutionary piece of software. We have used other desktop-based software in the past, but this has been difficult to use and very limiting when out on-site.

With my MyWorkPapers, we can access the information we need anywhere that we are, which makes remote working far easier.

Created in a similar way to online accounting packages, such as Xero, MyWorkPapers is more intuitive than the previous solutions that we have used and because you can have an unlimited number of users working on the same file at the same time it really aids with workflow between the various team members.

Thanks to its dashboard, you can clearly see what documents have been completed and mark their progress so that junior members can focus on the areas of the audit that need the most attention. I can also raise review points if there is something that I think our Head of Audit needs brought to their attention or the team need to go back and have a second look at.

Of course, to add an additional layer of security and control to this cloud-based package, you can set different levels of access for different members of the team depending on what they are required to work on.

What’s more, as it is able to link with accounting packages, such as Xero, we can quickly access additional client data and transfer it into the audit file. You can then feed information from the audit file to our statutory accounts preparation software.

Our initial work with MyWorkPapers has shown only a small amount of what it is capable of but it is clear from what I have seen that there is so much more potential for future development, which is really exciting.

It is also worth pointing out that the support package that comes with MyWorkPapers is a lot easier to use than some other software providers and I am usually able to find a solution to an issue quickly.

Lisa Weaver

Lisa Weaver, Head of Audit and Assurance

Our previous software package was really difficult to navigate, which made it harder to check on the progress of work.

MyWorkPapers in comparison looks and operates in a much more modern fashion and is cloud-based so that multiple users can be working on the same file at the same time, regardless of where they are located.

It’s really easy just to quickly login and check the progress of an audit and raise review points for the team. This makes it easier for people to look into things they are working on and report back to us, which helps save time.

It relies on a very visual dashboard, which as Head of Audit and Assurance allows me to see an overview of all ongoing work. The way it is laid out also makes auditors go through the process properly so that they cover all the elements of the audit, which is useful.

Its simplicity is also aiding with the training of the wider audit team, as it is more user-friendly and easier for inexperienced people to operate.

When I think back to the paper-based audits that we were conducting several years ago this is a major leap forward.  We used to have to take lots of files and equipment with us and even with the move to desktop software we would still have to take a printer and scanner. Now if we wanted to, we could potentially work from a tablet computer if required, which makes setup far simpler.

Our industry is currently undergoing a massive move towards digitisation and because this package is able to communicate with other solutions, such as IRIS and Xero, it really aids the wider practice when it comes to providing up to the minute business intelligence-led advice.

I can see that there is a lot more potential in MyWorkPapers and I believe it could become an integral tool for audit teams and has to be the way that firms across the UK will go in future if they wish to remain truly competitive in the auditing industry.

Kevin Tong

Kevin Tong, Director

As the final person to review and sign off our audits, my role in the team is fairly different from the others, but MyWorkPapers has also massively

improved the audit process for me.

Our previous software was quite clunky and at times it could be difficult to use. There was no flow in the final review and sign off and I would often have to click back and forth between vari

ous pages to access the information I required – it never really felt compatible with the task at hand.

Firstly, in terms of access, MyWorkPapers is far simpler and it only takes seconds to load up the browser page and login. Once online there is a nice logical sequence on the dashboard to follow to ensure that the audit has been conducted effectively.

Via the dashboard, I am also able to clearly see the review points from the rest of the team and answer queries quickly for them.

It has made my life a lot easier and I would say that the sign off process now only takes a third of the time that it would have done with our previous solution and it is revolutionary compared to the paper process we used several years ago.

I can see this solution being very useful to other auditors thanks to its ease of use and the efficiencies that it offers.