Xero + IRIS = Iridia

Is your accountancy firm tied to industry-specific software, such as IRIS, that you really have to keep for professional accounting work?

If so, why not let us link IRIS to Xero Practice Manager via Iridia, so that everything runs smoothly and you get the best of both worlds?

XPM is FREE*, more flexible and links to the Sales Ledger in Xero.

If you’re using IRIS Accountancy Suite for your compliance work then Iridia will continue to improve practice efficiency, by intelligently synchronising your client and contact lists in IRIS Accountancy Suite to XPM.

* N.B. Free for Xero Silver Partners

What is Iridia?

Iridia is an app for Xero Practice Manager that intelligently synchronises your client and contact list in IRIS Accountancy Suite to XPM so you don’t need to maintain two separate databases of client data.

Iridia enables you to:

  • Synchronise IRIS clients of type Person, Business and Trust to XPM
  • Synchronise IRIS internal contacts of type existing Contact and other person to XPM
  • Synchronises only the records which have changed in either system, using smart caching to monitor changes
  • Store IRIS client code, client type and business type in XPM
  • Review and manage synchronisation exceptions. If you need it, you have fine-grained control over exactly which IRIS data is updated to XPM

Iridia key business benefits

  • Improve your practice efficiency. Removing the need to maintain two databases of clients and contact lists will save time and improve data accuracy.
  • Reduce your practice costs. Using Xero Practice Manager can bring cost savings for practices that use IRIS, through savings on licence costs and from improved efficiency.
  • Enhance your competitive edge. Having your client and contact lists synchronised with XPM will enable you to leverage the power of integrated workflows.
  • Help grow your business. Xero Practice Manager is a powerful tool that can help you manage your client and prospect relationships more effectively and help win new clients.

It’s pretty simple but it’s effective. Interested in seeing how Iridia could save your practice time and money? Contact the team at Bridge3 for a demonstration.