A fully connected world

Benefit from:
• Maximise your fee revenue
• Workflow Management
• Deadline Management
• Time & Fees Management
• Productivity Management
• Opportunity Management
• XPM is the key, the central
hub to connected quick
• Increase client retention and
engagement efficient systems

Benefit from:
• Time and cost savings
• Increase compliance quality
• Improve team collaboration
• Manage jobs and
tasks effectively
• Reduce risk of errors
• Audit trail of documents
and work done
• Explore standardisation

Benefit from:
• No more wasted filing space
• No more time hunting for files
• Multiple users can
access at the same time
• Accessible from anywhere
• Confidential filing of
practice documents
• Set secure user access levels
• Links directly to XPM

Benefit from:
• All sent and received
emails to clients are
held in one place
• Projects organised
in one place
• Full audit trail

Professional Tax &
Compliance Software

We are available to discuss
solutions that would bridge
the gap between existing
software that is not configured
to connect with the Xero

Onboarding and Planning Apps
There are a number of options
that are compatible with Xero
HQ & XPM. We would be
very happy to discuss these
applications with you.